Tuesday, May 27, 2014

A twisted, devastatingly beautiful film.

I've seen some weird, esoteric art films in my life, but Beyond the Black Rainbow is on a whole different level. This film is a twisted journey through madness as perceived by madmen. Those of you brave enough to watch it will be rewarded by stunning visuals, mind-bending storytelling, and an amazing score.

From the beginning, I was reminded of the greats: Kubrick, Stone, and Argento. The colors and set design invoke the sci-fi of the late 70’s and early 80’s. The optical narratives are bold and take leaps most "modern" directors would never fathom to attempt. On the surface, it is a story of a trapped girl and her struggle to escape her life. Buried beneath this is a deep, thought-provoking film tackling issues ranging from death to self-hatred to patricide. Also, I think the director was trying to make a statement on our culture's need to self-improve beyond reason, a desire to make yourself perfect to extreme levels, and how that corrupts the powerful and victimizes the weak. 

From the beginning to the end, Beyond the Black Rainbow is both visually and idealistically satisfying. It is a piece of cinematic art that I haven't experienced in many years. While not suitable for everyone, if you are a fan of cinema (especially science fiction), then you will enjoy this film.

Beyond the Black Rainbow (2010)
Panos Cosmatos

Top Billed Cast:
Eva Bourne
Michael Rogers
Scott Hylands
Rondel Reynoldson


  1. Cool! I need to see this. Looks a lot like Kubrick....

    1. Yeah its definitely looks like Kubrick, did you watch it?