Friday, June 27, 2014

Dominion: Godspeed

I've never done a recap/review of a tv show episode by episode before and I'll do my best to avoid spoilers. But fair warning some spoilers may slip through. 

This show is off to a great start and the casting choices are magically perfect. Enough gushing, let's dive in. Quickly, this show is about angels (as in celestial warriors/messengers) and their war with mankind. The show's main setting is the citystate of Vega(formerly Las Vegas). Of course there is a chosen one that will save the human race. In the first episode the chosen one is revealed to be a young man, Alex Lannen. This week's episode, Godspeed, is primarily about Alex's struggle with his new identity.

The episode starts with a flashblack to Alex's childhood, which highlights two points: one of which is the danger that the angels pose and how growing up in a hostile environment affects one's development. The second point is tied to the emotional conflict Alex feels towards being abandoned in Vega by his father(whom died in the first episode). Christopher Egan is the actor playing Alex Lannen and his ability to capture the turmoil inside Alex is simply breathtaking. 

Also we get a better understanding of the Archangel Gabriel's outlook and rationale for wanting to exterminate all humans. Michael (the archangel and only angel to side with humanity) pays Gabriel a visit and they have an interest exchange, the scene is a great character building moment (adding depth to both main angel characters). 

After returning to Vega, Michael warns Alex that the angels know about him and that he's in incredible danger. Alex not knowing whom he can trust lashes out against Michael and decides to seek comfort in his true love, Claire Riesen. 

After comforting each other, Alex and Claire along with Bixby (a little orphan that Claire has taken in) come under an attack from an angel. We learn that Alex is almost as strong as the angels and that his weakness is the woman he loves and the little girl she protects. 

Claire suffers minor injuries but unfortunately Bixby is severely hurt and that's when Alex realizes that in order to protect the people he loves he has to leave them behind. This links back to the beginning, he realizes that his father didn't abandon him in Vega but left him there to keep him safe. In order to keep Claire safe, Alex has to embrace his role as the savior of mankind. The question is will he? Will Alex save mankind? Will Gabriel win and is Michael truly on our side? These questions are what I'm really curious about. Please let me know what you think and what you're curious about. 

As a sidenote, whenever Anthony Head is on the screen, he steals the show. His performance is brilliant and stunning. David Whele truly is intimidating and I love his character.


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This is Bixby (Betsy Wilke) with Alex Lannen (Christopher Egan)

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  1. I've been missing this, but looks good. Hopefully Netflix or a boxed season 1 DVD set is in the works.