Saturday, June 21, 2014

Dominion Series Premiere Review

Do you remember the hit film Legion(2010)? No? That's probably because no one saw it, it was dismissed critically. Personally I liked it and wish it had done better. However if it had done better we might not have this new awesome show to watch

The setup: 25 years ago God left. The angels, lead by the Archangel Gabriel, blame man and unleash the dogs of war on humanity. The Archangel Michael chooses to side with mankind by saving the chosen one, a human child that will save the world. The savior is then hidden and will be revealed when they're needed.

The last 25 years of war have nearly made man extinct and only a few isolated pockets of human settlements exists. The story starts in the city-state of Vega (formerly Las Vegas), where humanity has regressed to a brutal & strict caste system(V1-V6). 

From the onset you're reminded of Ancient Rome & Greece. The visuals are not subtle and they work fairly well.There appears to be two powerful families that control Vega, House Riesen and House Whele. Like all ancient civilizations the powerful manipulate the weak and play political power games with each other. As the series continues it will be interesting to see how these two houses play each other.

The action sequences are amazing and the writers along with an amazing cast seem to be able to handle the drama. What I am most excited about is that David J. Peterson (HBO's Game of Thrones and Syfy's Defiance) created the angelic language. 

The  premiere episode builds up this very rich and immersive world while not skimping out on healthy doses gratuitous angelic violence. If you like it when fantasy and science fiction blurs this show is for you.

On a personal geeky note, Anthony Head (BtVS, Repo, Merlin) is on this show and I am so happy! The man is incredibly talented and he plays David Whele, head of House Whele.

Thursdays @ 9/8c on Syfy

Scott Stewart

Peter Schink
Scott Stewart
Vaun Wilmott

Top Cast
Christopher Egan
Tom Wisdom
Roxanne McKee
Luke Allen-Gale

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