Saturday, June 21, 2014

The Dungeons & Dragons film we deserve

So an orc warrior, elf rogue, and a human cleric set out on an adventure. Sounds like an familiar Dungeons and Dragons session. Well that's the adventuring party in the film with multiple titles: The Shadow Cabal, SAGA: Curse of the Shadow, and Curse of the Dragon Slayer.


I do not pretend to know the politics or policies around copyrights and or trademarks. I suppose the name had to be changed due to one the possible things I mentioned, but there are no dragons in this film (well aside from one that dies in the first 3 minutes with no fanfare). So let that go, and also understand that this is a few steps above making a film in your back yard. While the makeup effects and computer effects are well executed they are also done on a tight budget, which in my opinion make them all the more impressive.

If you're a fan of fantasy films then you'll like this movie. However if you like Dungeons and Dragons (the game) you'll love this film. This low budget, b-rated movie is what we deserved as fans instead of what we got from the film Dungeons and Dragons (2000). The acting is decent, from the relatively young cast. The camera work is as good as any big budget film and over all the movie is shot fairly well. The writers and director seem also comfortable with a certain level of cheese which all good fantasy films need, what's the point if you can't laugh at yourself. There is a sequence where mermaids attempt to seduce the Orc warrior, apparently he passes his will save (DnD reference) and responds with: 

Do not expect LoTRs quality and if you don't mind alittle cheese in your fantasy films then I recommend this movie. And with it being on Netflix I ask what do you have to lose?

SAGA: Curse of the Shadow (AKA Curse of the Dragon Slayer, 2013)

John Lyde
Jason Faller
Kynan Griffin

Top Billed Cast
Danielle Chuchran
Richard McWilliams
Paul D Hunt
James C Morris

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