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Dominion: Black Eyes Blue

Another week and it's time for another Dominion recap.  Just want to say thank you for all the support and comments. You guys rock! So Dominion fans let's dive in and discuss another fantastic episode.

That's right, this episode was heavy in the feels department. I had such feels and that's no understatement. But I'm getting ahead of myself. This week's episode is titled Black Eyes Blue and it starts off with Alex showing Michael a captured Clementine, he'd imprisoned her in an abandoned casino vault. Michael is not happy but Alex thinks he can save Claire's mother by performing an angel exorcism. Michael is hesitant and says it's too dangerous. 

David Whele, despite Claire's warning, moves forward with his vote of no confidence in General Riesen. He also decides to confront William about his extracurricular activities. William's hesitation and fear is all David needs to confirm his suspicions.  David threatens to kill all traitors, implying he'll kill his own son. So intense! 

So Alex wants to save Claire's mom, Michael tells him the only way that'll happen is with the....dramatic music and gasp....the Aprocrypha....the what?!? I don't know what it is but it's got an Latin sounding name so it must be some kind of ancient angel killing weapon of epic epicness. Of course Michael doesn't have it but he knows who does.  It's Uriel of course, I'm starting to think Uriel is some kind of archangel hoarder. Michael attempts to barter with Uriel for the epic sounding weapon-thingy. At first she is all in love with the painting he brought but then says she wants something else. 

Yeah suspicions confirmed she wants to ogle Alex's tattoos. After several awkward minutes Alex says it's time to pay up.  She tosses him the Aprocrypha and we get to see the epic weapon and it's a book....wait a book?!? Lame sauce and great it's blank! WTF!? Wait why are Alex's tattoos move and rippling across his back and ONTO THE BOOK!? This book isn't that lame after all. The book belonged to the only prophet to exorcise an angel. Apparently all demonic possession throughout history has really been angelic possession. Mind blown. So apparently in this universe demons don't exist or at least not in the way we traditionally believe.

William disband his cult for the time being. However one of his followers is an idiot and gathers all of the other followers in the secret meeting place and of course David sent his guards in to kill them all. Dumbass. Meanwhile General Reisen and Claire summon Ambassador Arika. They discuss the fact that Helena's grand and great airforce is just two helicopters and one B-52 bomber. Arika doesn't deny this and admits to lying to David, General Reisen works out a deal similar to the one she made with David. I'm seriously thinking Arika has alot hidden up her sleeves and will say anything to survive.

Alex sneaks Claire away and shows her the 8-ball with her mother's face. She gets very angry and wants "it" killed. Alex convinces Claire that her mother is still in there and he can save her.

The exorcism begins and it seems like every other exorcism. Michael holds onto the chain, keeping Clementine under control for the most part. After several agonizing minutes the angel spirit is purged and Claire us reunited with her mother. Yes Alex is the chosen one and he can save everyone! 

Then everything goes from Disney to Game of Thrones real quick. Clementine has a seizure and lays on the floor limp all but for her gasping and slight twitches. Claire blames Alex and Michael isn't surprised at all. WELL FUCK! Thanks for making me fall for this secondary character and then killing her off! I wasn't ready for Game of Thrones level feels! Well shit, back to the recap.

So from the beginning of this episode it's been about General Reisen's counterattack to David Whele's political coup. Reisen summoned the Senate early and laid out Arika's plan and thusly knocks the wind out of David's sails, also the vote of no confidence fails. So pretty good day for General Reisen, until Claire gets home and tells him he done fucked up. She tells him that he's going to step down and she'll resume duties as Lady of the city. While all this drama is happening William finds his dead or dying cult followers.  They managed to kill their attackers,  William recognizes them as his father's guards. DING DING IT'S TIME FOR ANOTHER SHOW DOWN! 

David v. William, Father against Son and who will win. My money is on David cause the man is ruthless. So William pulls a gun on his father, whom replies with " were destined to be a curse, weak, useless..." David laughs at his son and believes he won't shoot. Then William beats David with the gun until he passes out. So David wakes up in the cult hide out, they initiate him by breaking his ribs. he a convert or what? I'm happy he's still alive but William done messed up.

Michael tells Uriel to keep the tattoos in her head. The tells her the "Vermeer" is hers...what ever that is. So after confronting her father Claire returns to her mother's body not speaking to Alex as she passes him. She hums a song from her childhood as she smothers her mother.

So much feels! How are you holding up after this intense episode? What do you think is next? Could this event be what leads Alex to Gabriel? Please let me know.

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"Black Eyes Blue"

Thursdays @ 9/8c on Syfy

The cast is absolutely amazing and I hope this show gets renewed.  

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