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Dominion: Broken Places

Well this week's episode was simply breathtaking and I am really enjoying this show. I love everything from the epic angel fights to the dirty crowded markets in Vega. The cast and crew of Dominion have created an believable and beautiful world that I can't wait to learn more about but enough gushing let's dive in. Broken places is a plot heavy episode, building upon every primary characters' story as well as some of the secondary characters as well. There is a lot to cover and I'm going to focus on Alex Lannen, Michael, Gabriel, and both David Whele and Arika. 

This recap will be SPOILER heavy, fair warning
The episodes starts with William Whele (son of Consul David Whele and leader of the Church of the Savior) meeting up with Gabriel. William is the secret leader of a cult that worships Gabriel and the other angels. It's clear from the exchange that William desperately seeks validation from a father figure and that Gabriel is using William to weaken the humans from within their ranks. Carl Buekes'  performance as Gabriel is so badass you can't help but love hating him.
After the last episode it seemed like Alex was leaving Vega to keep Claire safe and also come to terms with being the "savior" of mankind. Actually he was just running away, still wanting to deny the reality of his situation he fantasizes about Claire and escaping to Delphi (another citystate where everyone is equal unlike Vega). Reality comes crashing back as Alex stumbles upon a brutal scene, some refugees where slaughtered by angels. There's an emotional exchange between a dying man and Alex which ends with Alex putting the man out of his misery
Back in Vega David Whele goes on the attack, trying to weaken General Reisen's position by going after Michael and in doing so he gets closer to becoming Lord of the City. Whele claims that Michael is a untrustworthy turncoat and what's to stop the angel from betraying Vega when it suits him. The dramatic exchange reveals two important things, 1)that the Senate practically revere Michael and 2) Michael has repeatedly lied to everyone. Michael claims he had no idea that angels where hiding in the city and that he has no idea who they are or if any remain within Vega's walls. Michael having no desire for petty politics leaves the Senate chambers, immediately going to an angel hiding as a food merchant. 
So apparently there are hundreds or more angels that have chosen to sit out the war and only recently have they started to get involved. What is unclear is why are they hiding and why does Michael refer to them as refugees? When God left did that automatically kick all angels out of heaven? Michael tells Louis (the food merchant angel) to tell the other angels either join him or leave Vega. After the exchange a soldier let's Michael know that Alex is missing and Michael races away to find Alex.
Michael is not the only one looking for Alex and Gabriel's hold on the angels under his command isn't as strong as he thinks. Furiad, being impatient, goes after the chosen one. Gabriel doesn't want to kill the chosen one which leads me to believe that Alex's fate is not clear. Michael catches up with Alex first and of course Alex wants nothing to do with Michael. Michael convinces Alex to make one stop and then he'll leave Alex alone.
Meanwhile back in Vega,  David Whele puts two plans into action. First going after rival Consul Bella Thorn by threatening to expose her romantic relationship with Michael (which would ruin her both politically and socially) if she doesn't spy on Michael, report weaknesses and such. The other plan involves using Ambassador Arika from Helena (a militaristic matriarchal citystate with the only functioning airforce) to either broker a deal to get Helena's airforce or deposing of Helena's leader (Evelyn) either way Arika is the key. It is unclear whether or not Arika is playing Whele or if she truly has betrayed her wife and leader simply for lust of power. What is certain is that Shivani Ghai is an incredible actress and her character is more skilled at manipulation and is therefore more dangerous than David Whele.
Alex and Michael's journey ends when they arrive at Alex's childhood home. Inside Alex learns how his mother died, and that the mystical tattoos link him to his father's memories. He sees his dad driven insane trying to decipher the tattoos and attempting suicide. Michael reveals that he told Jeep (Alex's father) to leave, that in order for Alex to rise he would have to stand on his own. It is unclear how Alex feels about Michael and what would have happened if nothing interrupted them. However Furiad and his goons show up attacking both Michael and Alex. 
Furiad and Michael engage, exchanging blows rapidly and with precision. The other angels go after Alex, as stated at the beginning I love these sequences and this fight does not disappoint. Furiad manages to catch Michael off balance and runs him through. Alex dispatches his attackers and of course Furiad flees. Now united by a common enemy Alex rushes Michael back to Vega for medical attention.  
What is on your mind? Do you think Alex would have returned to Vega with Michael if they hadn't been attacked? Do you have any theories or ideas you want to share? Also if just want to geek out over Dominion. Leave a comment or send me a message on the tweets @geekoutshappen

This show is really amazing, if you haven't seen it yet please check it out and give these hard working people a chance to impress you. Thank you for reading, see you on the interwebs.

"Broken Places"

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