Sunday, July 13, 2014

Dominion: The Flood

This week's past episode, The Flood, is appropriately titled. There was a flood of emotions and revelations. And like always this post will be loaded with spoilers and conjecture. Enough stalling let's dive in.

The episode starts off with Michael being rushed into surgery and Alex being arrested for desertion. So this is Vega's dungeon,  I mean prison system. It's these seemingly insignificant locations that, to me, bring Vega to life. While not happy with being arrested, Alex is more concerned with his secret being discovered. Only a select few know Alex is the chosen one and even fewer have seen the sacred tattoos that cover his body. So when the guards order Alex to strip, the only way he can keep his secret is by attacking his guards which earns him a beating and a trip to isolation. 

Once placed in solitary Alex has a vision, at the time it doesn't make sense and comes back in more than one way. Water drops onto his tattoos,  causing the ink to bleed and for the following phrase to appear on the ground: She died for you. Cryptic much? Meanwhile Claire Riesen visits Bixby (she was injured when the angel attacked Alex) in the hospital, Bixby precedes to tell Claire that the chosen one was there and looks like he got arrested. Despite whispering, their conversation is over heard by Senator Frost.

Claire rushes to the jail and after a touching reunion, she orders Alex's release. Back in the Senate chambers it's business as usually until Senator Frost mentions the Chosen One is in Vega and wants him revealed. Of course Lord Riesen and Consul Whele dismiss the claim and respond with condemnation. Frost, shamed, yields the floor. Alex decides to pay Bixby a visit before reporting for duty and two have a sweet moment. Across town, in her gilded cage, Ambassador Arika beings to manipulate one of her female guards. 

Woah, hold up, wait a minute.  What about Michael? Why doesn't Michael swoop in and save Alex? Where is Michael? He is in his private chambers,  in a comatose-like state while all this is going on. Consul Becca Thorn is faithfully resting by his side.  When she falls to sleep an angel pays Michael a visit, apparently the only thing that can fully heal him is the oil from the tip of an angel's wing. Michael awakens confused and asks Becca "Where is the blade?" She tells him that when she arrived at the hospital it was gone. He says it's of the most importance that he finds the blade. While they both sleep together the angel returns and it's a woman. She looks like she's going to kill Becca and Michael tackles this new angel, they haphazardly fly outside crashing onto a roof below.

So do they engage in epic battle? Nope, this is Uriel and several facts come out of their exchange. 1) Angels have genders and can be female,  2) Uriel is an Archangel and older than Michael and 3) She's neutral. She tells Michael to go north, time for a sit down with Gabriel. 

Uriel reprimands Gabriel for allowing Furiad to attack Michael and then tells Michael he was wrong to hide the Chosen One.  That the markings on the chosen one are God's word and should be shared with everyone. Gabriel then says that Michael is manipulating the Chosen One and that Michael's past isn't as innocent as everyone believes. Gabriel suspects Uriel has come out of hiding to final chose a side. Gabriel mocks them both and flys away. Michael and Uriel have a private moment where she promises to side with Michael if he trains the Chosen One.

While the Archangels are having their powwow, Vega has its own major conflict.  Senator Frost lures Lord Riesen and Consul Whele to one of the agriculture towers. Once there, Frost locks all three of them in and threatens to flood the tower both destroying the crops and drowning all of them if the Chosen One isn't revealed. The Senate goes into lock down, Claire is raised to Lady of the City and William Whele is raised to Consul status. The Senate is debating on whether to send the troops in or negotiate. Claire gives her vote to both Becca and William leaving the Senate chambers. Meanwhile,  Alex and the other soldiers are storming the tower. Alex begs his commander to allow him to negotiate but the commander tells him to shut up. That's when Claire makes her dramatic entrance and overrides the commander,  she sends in Alex.

Alex attempts to calm Frost down but Frost can't believe that a mere V2 is the Chosen One, he tells Alex to prove it. At this moment water drips onto Alex, reminding him of his vision.  He says "She died for you," Frost then believes and knees before the Chosen One. At this moment Lord Riesen shots Frost in the back of the head. 

Claire and Alex have a moment beside a fountain, where she reassures him. At this moment Michael returns. Alex tells Michael he's ready to start training. Back in the north, Gabriel and Uriel have a very revealing conversation. The following is revealed in their conversation. 

1) Michael has lied about the full prophecy
2) The Chosen One will come to Gabriel
3) The Chosen One will either save humanity or lead humanity to their destruction. 

Then Uriel promises to side with Gabriel if the Chosen One sides with him. It's obvious thathat she is playing both Gabriel and Michael, but why? What does she want from the Chosen One? So Uriel is lying,  Michael is constantly lying and now Becca Thorn is lying, she told Michael that she had no idea where the sword is,  she is studying it and I believe she's going to reverse engineer the blade to make a weapon that works on higher angels. Are we finished?  Nope that sumabitch David Whele kills Bixby!

So my theory? Michael is Alex's father and Alex is going to have to chose either to save or annihilate mankind. Uriel wants the information from the sacred tattoos for some twisted purpose. Becca Thorn is going to betray Michael by making a weapon that kills higher angels. What are your theories, what is on your mind? Let me know in the comments below.

"The Flood"

Thursdays @ 9/8c on Syfy

Alex Holmes

Brusta Brown
John Mitchell Todd
Vaun Wilmott

Top Cast
Christopher Egan
Tom Wisdom
Roxanne McKee
Luke Allen-Gale

Uriel played by Katrine De Candole is fantastic

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