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Dominion: Something Borrowed

It's that time again Dominion fans, this week's episode was orgasmically mind blowing and proves two points: 1)that the writers and producers are extremely talented and 2) there are a lot of kick ass surprises around the corner! So let's dive into the recap.

The episode starts off with what I've been wanting to see since the show launched, badass angel combat training. But unfortunately no 80s training montage and no epic Chosen One powers displayed. Alex is distracted by Bixby's death and the pressure of having the world on his shoulders. Michael is easily able to dispatch Alex. 

They segue into a flashblack where a younger David Whele and family are attacked by 8-balls (lowest class of angels, similar to demonic possession). David looses his wife, two eldest children and almost kills William. Apparently discussing the wedding toast is what caused this flashback. Speaking of the event of the year, the residents of Vega won't shut up about the wedding. Everywhere the wedding this, the wedding that. It's kind of a big deal.

Speaking of the senator most sinister, David makes his play against General Riesen by letting Claire know he is going to ask for a vote of no confidence in the Senate to depose of her father. Her reaction to being informed that soon she may rule Vega isn't exactly a pleasant one. Only if David knew about General Reisen's 8-ball lover that lives just outside the city, Clementine. Yup General Riesen has been seeing a possessed human for years and keeping her like some kind of mistress on the dl. Clementine decides to visit Vega and accidentally kills a shop keeper. 

I'll admit that I didn't expect much from Clementine as a supporting character but she steals the show. Like all mistresses she longs for more, she has stayed out of the war and now her own kind rejects her and humans would kill her on sight. She worries about what will happen when Edward (General Riesen) dies. He reassures her that she will be taken care of.

Clear your mind and use the forc....I mean listen to your tattoos Alex,  the tattoos.....the tattoos. Michael let's Alex know that the reason why he had a vision in jail was because he was cut off from the world. So up in the tower of solitude Alex has another vision, a bloody Bixby begs him to not let anyone else suffer. Meanwhile, David Whele continues to manipulate the pieces on the board by going after Consul Becca Thorn and telling her to vote with him against Riesen or else all of Vega will know about the sick, perverse angel orgies.....that sounds awesome.

Also sweet innocent Claire attempts to manipulate William and fails miserably, however William is in love and promises to attempt to stop his father's political coup. While waiting for his father William attempts to destory some cult paraphernalia but he is interrupted by his father and stashes it instead. The scene plays out like their other father-son moments, William attempts to reasons with his father and his father responds with condemnation. This time however William responds with force,  he clutches his father violently and forces his father to bend so he can kiss his forehead....that's not weird at all.

Becca goes to Michael's tower of orgies...I mean solitude and we get to see some archangel combat excerises, it's really cool and...

Sorry I got distracted. Where was I? Oh yeah, Becca breaks up with Michael. I think Becca wanted Michael to be more argumentative but he is very supportive and understanding. Back at the Reisen house the General finds Clementine in Claire's room. He also found out about the man she killed, he reacts with anger and chases her off. The general pays a visit to Michael, confessing his love of the 8-ball and then asks Michael to kill her quickly and quietly. Poor Clem. 

The hunt for the 8-ball gets called off (because the general order it, so Michael can discreetly take care of it) but that doesn't stop Alex. He's determined to find that monster and kill it. No more victims. Here's where things get crazy, William asked Claire to get his notes (or something) which he left in his father's office. But is he playing his dad? Or did he actually forget? Either way Claire finds the cult paraphernalia and thinks it belongs to David Whele. She uses it as leverage against David, saying she'll expose him as a traitor if he votes against her father. This however tips David off that the actual traitor is his son.

In the dark and dirty alleyways Alex and his friend (another soldier) Noma track Clementine and engage. They injure her but she manages to make to the sewers. Alex goes in alone and confronts Clementine. She pleads and begs for her life. Alex, surprisingly, spares her. Back at the engagement party Claire makes a toast, saying that she wishes her mother was here and that her mother was a great woman. Then they do a close up of the Riesen family portrait. ...CLEMENTINE IS HER MOTHER!!!!!!

I didn't see it coming and like I said I had completely written off Clementine as a weak plot device and not a major part of the whole story. It explains why Edward Riesen had a relationship with an 8-ball. It also paints the general not as a dirty old man but a sad man unable to kill what once was his wife. How did this happen? How will Claire react? How will David Whele use this? What's on your mind? What do you think? Please let me know.

I wanted to give some shoutouts to the blogs/accounts where I find most of my images. Thank you for posting these awesome pictures and gifs. Also thank you for supporting this amazing show. 

"Something Borrowed"

Thursdays @ 9/8c on Syfy

Amy Bailey's portrayal of Clementine is spectacular. Her performance creates sympathy for a creature we, as an audience, should hate. I'm glad I was wrong about this amazing character.

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