Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Netflix on a Nickel 3

Life sometimes gets heavy and thankfully we can take a break by watching movies. Here are some silly and fun movies to check out.

Dabangg 2
             Bollywood is the Hollywood of India, the primary difference is most of their films are musicals. Every genre has a musical counterpart, everything from romantic-comedies to action-flicks are made into musicals.
             Imagine Dabangg 2, as a musical mash-up of Jackie Chan’s Supercop and Rush Hour, it has the over-the-top action sequences and the great comedy cop moments. It doesn't stop there though, it also gives you amazing dance sequences with a catchy musical score.
             Dabangg 2 is the story of Chulbul Pandey, an honorable cop that fights against corruption. Salman Khan, often referred to as the Sylvester Stallone of India, stars as Chulbul Pandey and his performance is thoroughly enjoyable.
             If you want to watch a film that literally has something for everyone, check out Dabangg 2. This is especially true if you think modern action films take themselves too serious and miss the campy cheese of yesteryear.

Troll Hunter
             For the last few years, amazing films have come out of Norway and Sweden (the area in general) consistently. Films like The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo and Let the Right One In did so well internationally that Hollywood did big budget remakes. Troll Hunter is a Norwegian horror/adventure film that I thoroughly enjoyed.
             Troll Hunter is about three students, who enter the Norwegian woods to film a documentary on a bear poacher who claims that he really tracks trolls for the Norwegian government.
             I strongly dislike the self-shot movie, but there are a few exceptions. Troll Hunter is one film to make it work well. All of the trolls are computer-generated, and it is obvious from the beginning. However, the way the filmmakers incorporate practical effects makes up for sub-par CGI. When the trolls slam the ground, dirt explodes or if a giant pushes up against the trees, the actual trees move and bend.
             If you are a fan of creature movies or just love fantasy check out Troll Hunter.

Tucker & Dale vs. Evil
             Combining dark comedies and slasher flicks from the 70s describes Tucker & Dale vs. Evil, starring Alan Tudyk (Frozen, Serenity) and Tyler Labine (Monsters University) as the titled characters. Together the two are hilariously brilliant and make the film fun from beginning to end.
             Expecting to relax at their “vacation” cabin, Tucker and Dale’s trip turns into a nightmare when they are attacked by a group of preppy college kids. The film quickly starts referencing redneck/hillbilly slasher flicks and never loses its edge as it embraces the comedic moments.
             A great introduction to the slasher sub-genre, Tucker & Dale vs. Evil is for both people who do not enjoy slasher flicks and cannot get enough.

For the next issue I will be reviewing different TV series that are on Netflix. If you have any suggestions leave a comment. In the meantime, watch more movies!

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